Friday - August 16, 2019

Hawthorne Roots
Opening Band: Lost Ox

Door: 8:00pm
Show: 9:00pm

Revved Up Roots Rock from Bozeman, Montana. The Hawthorne Roots are building momentum in the Pacific Northwest and Front Range regions. They recently released an EP, On Second Thought available here:

Portland, Oregon’s Lost Ox has been spreading their uniquely progressive brand of outlaw funk & americana across the west since 2017. In that short time, they’ve recorded an album (Wildheart), packed venues throughout Portland, and expanded all along the west coast, extending east to the Rocky Mountains. Characterized by intriguing lyrical interplay, shredding guitar solos, funky bass lines, and complex arrangements, Lost Ox is taking yesterday’s music and rebranding it with originality that is ripe for the future.