Thursday - July 11, 2019

Red Feather Tribe & Band of Drifters

Door: 8:00pm
Show: 9:00pm

If Folk, the Dirty Blues and Classic Country all had a baby. That’s what you feel when you hear Red Feather Tribe.
It has a unique, down to earth and original sound.
The raw Texas cowboy lifestyle has a strong impact on the way this music and these songs flow. Throw in some Native American roots as well and you have yourself some very nature influenced souls with a passion for creating and playing music tp trigger and uplift other folks’ feelers. 

The Band of Drifters plays Modern American Roots Music and we encourage you to dance. Based mostly in Montana & Tennessee, the band also includes players from all over the country;  keeping the music varied in arrangement, instrumentation, and regional influences. Our sets draw from country, folk and blues traditions with an emphasis on original songs, done in the old style.

Our latest release is the full length album Live in 2016 recorded throughout Montana with 14 original songs that are deeply rooted in the classic country and American folk sounds.

Band of Drifters Photo Credit: Bill Foster

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