Friday - September 24, 2021

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Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
Saturdat - October 2, 2021
Flat Black
Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
Saturday - October 16, 2021
Luke Dowler - Record Release
Luke Dowler & the Midnight Conversations is an indie americana rock band with soul, folk, and blues influences.
Montana based singer-songwriter Luke Dowler formed the band in early 2021 with Kelly Garber (keys), Ron Reeves (bass), and Jeremy Reinbolt (drums).
The members previously played together in various other projects, but hadn’t considered themselves a band until meeting at a remote, one-hundred year old lake cabin to work on songs Dowler was writing for a new album. Look for the forthcoming album summer of 2021.
Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
Friday - October 29, 2021
One More Time

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Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
Thursday - November 4, 2021
Signal Test - A Night of Underground Electronic Beats & Bass
BK LOVE (Missoula) Stoked and to have the modest chief of Starlight Reunion join us. Purveyor of the finest techno influenced from his NYC warehouse roots. Mr BK Love puts in a ton of work for the MT electronic music scene and beyond. Be sure to check Starlight Reunion…
BEATGYPSY (Denver CO) This Lady is a legitimate OG of the house/techno rave scene who brings the energy and vibes each and every time. Across many different genres ie techno, house, new wave, breaks, all quality, she will provide some real bangers no doubt…
0BS3RVR (CO/MT) Originally from Colorado, a Drum & Bass vet who has played under a handful of monikers over the years.. but one things remains the same, deep and heavy bass with a hypnotic flow. Might want to put on your helmets for this one..
Video Projection provided by SLEEP CINEMA-Visual bliss alongside a night of quality music, hi-fi sound system, and good vibes!!
Signal Test was born in the mountains of Colorado primarily as a conduit for underground electronic music and sound system culture. A contribution and gravitational epicenter for community who appreciate quality beats and bass in their life. A sort of umbrella for creative expression. Any given night, expect the unexpected because historically we embrace genres of electronic music from across the spectrum: Techno, Drum & Bass, House, Tech House, Breaks, Dub, experimental, to name a few.
Also, fidelity of audio, no matter what the source material, is the primary focus. Signal Test aims to continue providing the highest possible fidelity and output appropriate for every event. The artist deserves it, and you most certainly deserve it.
We are very thankful to have the creative license and freedom to introduce something unique at a legendary venue, The Remington, Whitefish MT.
Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm