Friday - January 21, 2022
Banshee Tree / Hardwood Heart

Colorado-based dance fusion outfit Banshee Tree is teaming up with Montana’s own progressive bluegrass act Hardwood Heart for an energetic night at the Remington Bar and Casino! Don’t miss this one…

Founded in upstate New York and currently located in the Front Range, Banshee Tree has quickly developed a reputation as one of Colorado’s most multifaceted young bands. Combining the sounds of acoustic instruments with a diverse blend of dance and improvisational styles from swing to funk to electronic, the band’s songwritier Thomas LaFond’s intrepid compositions as a platform for hot swing and deep grooves. Fans of Golgol Bordello, Caravan Palace, and Django Reinhardt will appreciate this driving, earthy acoustic dance music.

Hardwood Heart is a string band serving up exploratory bluegrass/rock/jazz/americana to anybody with an open mind.

Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
Saturday - January 22, 2022

Come to the Remington on Saturday January 22 to watch Bo N’ KC and Imperfection.  It is a show you don’t want to miss.

Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
Friday - February 4, 2022
New Wave Time Trippers
A wildly talented cover-band was sucked into a time-tunnel during a gig. They have been traveling through space-time for three decades. But to the band, it’s only been three months.

New Wave Time Trippers of 1985 create a totally tubular 80’s dance party for your private event or night club.

Creating a total 80’s experience with both a visual and music show from the decade of decadence!

Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
Saturday - February 12, 2022
Wizzerd with The Lucitones

The wizzer and the lucitones will be playing live at the remington!

Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm
Friday - February 18, 2022
Pedacter Project

Come watch the Pedacter Project at the Remintgon in downtown Whitefish.

Eric Broesel – visuals, attitude
Chris Arndt – bass, vocals
Ryan Witt – guitar, vocals
Vincent Rannazzisi – precussionist

Doors at 9:00pm, Show at 10:00pm