Saturday - July 6, 2024

20 Grand

Door: 9:00pm
Show: 10:00pm

20 Grand is a 10-piece funk powerhouse with influences ranging from hip hop, jazz, and soul. To list influences would be way too long and would involve another protracted band meeting to decide who to list. We only got time for the funk.

This diverse and socially conscious tribe has dedicated ten years to elevating minds and parties – from weddings to some of the most remote funk parties in the lower 48.

The proud funk unit started as a 5 piece instrumental band by founding members Jamie Simpson on guitar, Vincent Rannazzisi on circular items and Rebecca Nelson on tenor saxophone. But like most bands, 20G has evolved over the years. First adding more horns with Eric Gates on baritone sax/keyboards and Nick Simko on trumpet as well as cowbell master Toby Ferguson on percussion/vox. Soon after, came the addition of local freestyle rapper E-Roc on vocals and percussion and Zac Fawcett trumpet/keyboards/vox.

After going through bass players like drummers in Spinal Tap, the band has had the funky stylings of Matt Seymour in its’ pocket for a few years now. In recent years the band has swelled to ten members, with the powerhouse sibling duo of Sanjaya and Shyamali Malakar on vocals. 

Come down to a show and see for yourself, let the funk fill your soul and move your feet.

20 Grand Website