Saturday - November 16, 2019

Ezra Bell

Door: 9:00pm
Show: 10:00pm

Ezra Bell was founded around the irreverent and introspective songwriting of Benjamin Wuamett. Carving a wide path through the musical spectrum, Ezra Bell brushes up against Folk, Soul, Rock, and others genres.

Bassist Maurice Spencer, drummer Tom Trotter, horn player and arranger Aaron Mattison, singer and auxiliary percussionist Honora Hildreth, and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Asay provide an often unsettling backdrop for the playful and sometimes vicious vocals of front-man Benjamin Wuamett.

Ezra Bell has released three EP’s: Don’t All Look Up at Once, 2013; We Came by Canoe, 2014; and Farewell Griffin, 2016. Their first full length eponymous album dropped in May, 2018 and is streaming worldwide now. Ezra Bell is currently recording regularly and releasing singles almost as quickly as the months fly by.

Ezra Bell Website