Friday - July 5, 2024

The Droptines

Door: 9:00pm
Show: 10:00pm

The Droptines are an alternative country band born in Concan, Texas. Established in 2019 by frontman/songwriter/musician, Conner Arthur, also known as “The King of Concan”. This band puts in the work taking none of the traditional or convenient routes when crafting songs.

Blending a multitude of genres, while tethering each song together with a specific vernacular native to the Texas Hill Country, results in a broad range of authentic, versatile melodies.
Add Conner’s rich voice and layered lyrics, and you have storytelling at its finest. From biblical themes, raunchy truths, and primitive questions to one’s existence, it is clear, Shakespeare has made his way to the trailer park.

From the hard-hitting anthem “New Girl” to the heart wrenching melody “As Your Heart Breaks” to the opulent masterpiece “Raining Where You Are”, combined with an down to earth yet captivating stage presence, this band takes you on quite the ride.

The Droptines Website